Whether you are looking to scale up operations or maintain liquidity, funding is an integral part of any business. Generally, most businesses have multiple sources of funds, and these funds may also be raised for a multitude of reasons. Our funding services help manage and regulate all your funds, while also ensuring that they are put to best use.

We can help raise funds for your business through the following ways

We strive to help you find investors who are ready to invest in your business shares. Whether it is equity or preference shares, based on discussions with the investors themselves we will help highlight the pros and cons, and make decisions that profit your business. We also offer consultancy services regarding various other financial operations.

Businesses and entrepreneurs take loans from banks to help keep themselves afloat in times of need. We help our clients get working capital and term loans from banks. We help keep a check on all variables such as interest rate fluctuations and other bank policy changes; and make sure all payments are made as per schedule. The Government of India offers a number of schemes for entreprenuers. We help you identify such loans and make sure all legal requisites are followed when applying for them. We not only help you avail GOI scheme loans, but also guide you with an effective repayment plan. However, applying for loans involves a significant amount of paperwork. Identifying the best suited scheme for your business also requires the keen eye of a seasoned accountant. We help you identify the ideal Collateral, Business Loans, Govt. Schemes, MSME and Collateral Free Loans for your business, while keeping in mind your unique financial situation.

We identify and arrange debt syndication for all types of loans. We help identify the right debts source for your funding requirement. We liaison with appropriate fund providers based on eligibility and availability. Debt syndication can be quite tricky to track, especially if it involves a large number of investors. We help monitor your debts and ensure that lenders are paid on time.

Venture capital investors are usually interested in start-ups that they believe will be successful in the future. We help manage Venture Capital funds to protect the interests of investors who believed in the strong growth potential of your business. We also offer reliable advice on using these funds wisely.

Angel investors play a huge role in business funding especially when it comes to start up funding. Our services ensure that our client's funds are monitored and regulated and the interests of the angel investors are also protected.

European Central Bank Loans have several legal prerequisites. Our services allow clients to hand over the responsibility of loan, document filing, and compilation to us so they can focus on other business elements that require attention.