At Total Solutions, we aim to assist start-ups from the get-go. We offer a number of services which aid start-ups and small businesses to get everything in order to start functioning.

Our offers include

We provide assistance in raising funds and making sure that the investors and loans are paid back in time. We help raise and regulate private funds, equity funds as well as funds from angel investors, seed funding, VC Funding, collateral and collateral-free funding.

To be compliant is just as important as running the actual company. Lack of compliance is a criminal offense and could damage your business reputation. We assist you in statutory compliance, tax compliance etc.

We help you register for all start-up schemes that your company is eligible for, whether it is provided by the Government of India or the governments of states. We will maintain all your documents and give you compiled and filed details of your company’s progress.

Women entrepreneurs as well as members of SC/ST are provided with exclusive schemes under the Stand-up India initiative. Arranging funding to meet the initial needs of the company can be quite tiresome. We arrange for legitimate sources and investors that will help you run your business without any financial troubles.

Companies tend to experience financial and structural changes as they grow. We aid in forecasting errors, providing real-time results and drafting unified representations of data. We offer our accounting and financial expertise to meet the challenges of joint ventures (like conflict of interest, lack of financial equality etc.), amalgamation (like accounting discrepancies) and liquidation (like uncertain inventory, determination of assets and liabilities etc.).

Each project will have its own set of costs in terms of labour, capital, organisation, materials and anything else your business needs. We file reports about the sources, utilisation of loans and other funds as well as the resulting profits or losses.

Due Diligence Verification is crucial for start ups as it is a key factor that investors consider before funding the business. We help in Pre Due Diligence Verification by ensuring that basic company documents, security documents, litigations and claims, tangible and intangible properties, financial and income statements, human resources and facilities are all in place.

Each scheme will require a pitch and a plan to be in place. We provide assistance in representing you in terms of documents, certification and registration. So all you will have to do is wait to receive the benefits from the start-up schemes that you are eligible for.

Formulation of the business plan is one of the most important aspects of any business especially a start-up. Your business plan has to include your product description, market conditions, operational processes, financial information and supporting documents. We assist you in strategy and systems implementation for the smooth functioning of your organisation.