Start your business in India, perform, progress, go international - we are keen to work with businesses that have global aspirations. Our expertise in accounting and bookkeeping services assures hassle free accounts management that allows you to perform as per your business plans, meet your business goals and successfully execute your expansion plans in a resourceful and timely manner.

We offer the following services for overseas entrepreneurs

Our services also extend to dealing with vendors. Vendors need to be established well ahead of time to avoid road blocks in further processes like manufacturing and sales. We initiate vendor payments for approval as well.

With decades of experience in the industry, we are well-positioned to help you recruit the right employees and other beneficiaries to your business. We also help identify suitable work arrangements like co-working spaces, table place and work from home.

Dealing with payments that are due from buyers is a sensitive issue. We coordinate with your buyers to ensure that orders are carried out in time, and payments are settled without any dues.

Companies that are not compliant are punishable by law. We ensure that all your legal compliance especially in the tax and statutory departments are met effectively.

You might need someone to take care of your business while you are implementing your global plans of expansion. This is where we come in. We can overlook all your business and financial operations and once the business has grown, we will completely hand it over to you as per the non-disclosure agreement.

As an overseas entrepreneur you will need assistance with overseeing the everyday activities of your business in India. We help maintain your office here, and ensure that the business runs smoothly even while you are abroad.

We set up systems to meet all your accounting, invoicing and procuring requirements. We provide comprehensive assistance in purchase and payment for services and supplies, thereby enabling process optimization.

We help you find locations from which you can operate. Even if your business does not have fixed offices you can outsource your accounts to us and we will undertake operations from our offices as per our Non-disclosure agreement.

We put in place competent Managerial Information Systems that ensure the timely execution of managerial decisions and steady growth of your business.