Your business is growing and along with it, the complexity of its financial management activities. It’s time-consuming and takes valuable energy and resources away from running your actual business. Getting an in-house financial expert is a resource constraint as well as a huge cost to the company, especially for the start-ups and MSMEs. This is where a CFO or a Virtual CFO steps in by effectively interpreting all the numbers and strategizing towards both short and long-term goals of your company. Our CFO & Advisory Services are available in both virtual and part-time packages.

A Virtual CFO is not someone who withholds tax (TDS) computation. They help the founders or the owners of the business in decision making, resource allocation and risk mitigation. Our CFO services are more than just about crunching numbers. We provide a comprehensive performance indicator analysis which includes financial statement preparation. Our performance analysis reports cover leading indicators, such as cash flow analysis, employee productivity analysis, benchmarking, budget analysis, internal control analysis, profit improvement, and establishing accounting systems and controls.

Our CFO services include

Breakeven analysis is crucial for systematic account planning. Our CFO services allow you to consult with either part-time and virtual CFO's to get advice regarding all matters related to breaking even.

When it comes to start-up funding or funding any business, it gets difficult to keep track of all your sources and formulate schedules for paying back loans. Our CFO helps companies regulate funds in a safe and wise manner.

We help you identify high or low selling products, profitable areas, individual marketers, marketing teams, MRP Costing, and also study each vertical in the company so that the overall process in the organisation is improved.

Our CFO helps you understand Costing, Budgeting and Variance better. He also gives advice on optimization of budgeting and cost cutting.