You have the option of completely outsourcing your accounting activities to us in which case we become your outsourced Accounts Department i.e. your accounts department is completely outsourced to our location. Our range of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services are developed to meet all accounting needs of our clients and provide them with the best solutions.

Our services in this category include part time or full time maintenance of accounts with or without inventory either at our location or your location as agreed. The accounts shall be maintained using Tally Software or any other software you would prefer.

In case you opt for accounts with inventory we will prepare your sales invoices based on the supplier invoices you approve and mail them to your buyers. Your suppliers supply goods to you, send a copy of invoice acknowledged by you to us, we do sales invoices as instructed by you & mail it to your buyers. We also conduct follow-ups on receivables, initiate payments on approval, mail Periodical Outstanding of Receivables Payable, Monthly P & L required MIS and Compliance of Tax & Statutory.

Our outsourced accounting services include

Our trained team understands your requirement, makes requisite systems for operation with standard operating procedures. Systems are established for Inter Company Accounting, Inter Department Coordination and exclusive accounts manual for performance. Accountants may change but uniformity of accounting will remain. We also establish requisite MIS generation, Statutory & Tax Compliance, and provide training and monitoring assistance to ensure that the systems are implemented successfully.